Home... a shelter, a refuge, a place where we keep our dearest emotions. Where we can hide to cry, love with no measures, live with no masks, no clothes, no fear... The core of our private world.

Decorating your home means representing your subjectivity outside yourself. Means self-perception, self-nestling... and self-transformation through the spaces provocations.


It does not have to be the place where you spend most of your time. However, it must be your reference... and the best place in the world!

That is why we invite you to know all the possibilities Com'Up offers to your house or apartment interiors. Make yourself at home!

Interior Design Projects

Decoration Consultancy 

Home Staging (technique to prepare homes to be sold or rent)

External Spaces Design Projects

Furniture Design

Central de Atendimento:

       (51) 99616.9729


° Escritório Porto Alegre - RS: Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1140 sala 406 - Érico Offices

° Escritório Pelotas - RS: Av. Dom Joaquim, 1515 sala 213 -  Moinho Office


° Escritório Santa Catarina: 47.4141.1200

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